To Write Hope On Her Arm…

Chelsea Dobrucki is a 20-year-old Junior at Rowan University majoring in Radio/Television/Film Production. You may have seen Dobrucki’s face and tattoo Your Style Stories before, but I feel her story was one worth sharing and want to tell the tale behind Dobrucki’s tattoo.

Chelsea Dobrucki showing off her "Hope" tattoo

Dobrucki's "Hope" tattoo.

In her teens, Dobrucki was more of an introverted person than she is today. She was not a fan of body art and rejected the idea when her older sister, Amanda, got a tattoo. “I remember thinking ‘well, that’s stupid, why would you want to ruin your body like that?” Dobrucki recalls the first time she saw her sister’s tattoo.

However, as Dobrucki got older her attitude towards tattoos changed. She found that she liked the idea of them so much that on her twentieth birthday in September 2011, she got her very own.“I got it because I was always the kind of girl who was shy. I realized the confidence that I needed and I decided to get a tattoo to remind me of that confidence. I got the word ‘hope’ because it’s not only my middle name but a reminder to hope for the best and never lose hope and keep moving towards the future,” Dobrucki says.

What is really sentimental to Dobrucki is that the tatoo matches her sister’s. “ Amanda, her middle name is faith and she has that tattooed on her right wrist.” Says Dobrucki. “So when we put them together it says faith and hope.”

Dobrucki says she likes surprising people who knew her as a shy teenager in high school who see her tattoo for the first time. But “hope” means a lot more to her than just a way to say she’s not so shy anymore. “Whenever I’m having a bad day I look down at it and see the word hope and it makes me feel better,” she says. “This last year my mother was diagnosed with cancer in March and through her cancer battle, my tattoo reminded me to hope for her to get better and to stay positive.”

Dobrucki does not regret her tattoo one bit, and actually hopes that is does inspire others to have hope. After hearing her story first-hand, I am certain that is exactly what it will do.


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