Tattooed Memories

Rachel Alderman, a 21-year-old Senior English Major at Rowan University, has a simple tattoo with an important meaning behind it.

Rachel Alderman displaying her wrist tattoo.

Currently, Alderman has two tattoos that both hold ties to very special memories. Her first tattoo is on her right ankle and was inspired by her trip to France her Senior year of high school.

“It was one of the best vacations I had ever had in my entire life,” says Alderman. “When I came home from France, I wanted something to remind me of the time I spent there.”

After a long period of consideration, and some valued help from her French teacher, Alderman came up with a tattoo that she felt expressed her take on life perfectly while tying in with her memory of France. The tattoo she now has on her ankle that says “love is life, life is love” in French.

"Love is life, life is love"

The second tattoo that Alderman has is a simple outline of a heart on her left wrist. Alderman says this tattoo was more of an “impulse tattoo,” unlike her first one.

“My friend, Valeria, and I decided to just go get one. We really wanted to get something together to symbolize our friendship and we decided to just get little hearts,” says Alderman.

The tattoo on Alderman’s left  matches the one on her friend’s right wrist, something that reminds me of a pair of friendship necklaces.

“Every time I look at the tattoo, I’m reminded of her,” Alderman says. “I’m reminded of our friendship, the time we spent together, we went to high school together, we worked together. It’s way of keeping her close to me even though she’s not [physically] so close to me anymore.”

One of two friendship hearts between two friends.


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